Visual Composer Addon - Responsive Multimedia Carousel - Video Galery Type 2 - Fixed Dimensions

    Click on the Skin Icon to change the carousel look & feel.

    2 Skins - Black &White

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    Now you can customize your carousel down to the smallest details.


    • touch screen navigation

      Compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices.

    • responsive design

      The carousel is fully responsive, including images and texts. It is responsive for both fixed dimensions or full width.

    • Multimedia Support

      You can associate for each image a link, an image, a video file or an audio file. A lightbox window will open on click.

    • HTML5 video&Audio support

      You can associate for each images a HTML5 video or audio file. On mouse over a "video" or "audio" icon will appear to signal this.

    • YouTube & Vimeo Support

      You can associate for each images an YouTube or Vimeo video file. On mouse over a "video" icon will appear to signal this.

    • Links for each slide

      Optional links for each slide with parameter for _self or _blank. In this manner you can set a different link for each image.

    • LightBox Support

      On click, a light box window will open for image, video or audio content.

    • Two styles/Skins

      The carousel has 2 styles/skins: black style and white style

    • Multiple Instances

      You can insert multiple carousels on your website or on the same page

    • Extremly customizable

      Over 30 js options with which you can customize your carousels

    • Free Updates

      Once you've bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.


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